Microcurrent Therapy meets Acupuncture! Let's Go!

At BioSpark Wellness we use Bio-electrical Microcurrent Therapy for cellular rejuvenation. These protocols include working with the Meridians of the body and the electrical system of the cells. It's essential to have solid and vast knowledge...

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Peak Performance Systemics

Peak Performance Systemics Jul 21 We LOVE to do Peak Performance Systemics. This is where we can really help the body shine. Our machines have been doing Peak Performances on athletes around the world including in the NFL and NHL. But...

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Is this like a TENs?

Standard milli-current TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and EGS (electro- galvanic stimulation) are modalities familiar to most physical medicine professionals. Generally, currents in the range of 20 mA to 120 mA are applied to block...

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