We are dedicated to our client's self-discovery. Whether through hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), or Human Design. We have learned that the deeper one can go within oneself and find the connection to Self, the deeper and cleaner the healing and recovery from outdated negative imprints and traumas.

Enjoy RESULTS! Hypnotherapy has been used for years for weight loss, releasing traumatic responses, feelings of anxiousness, and much more. NLP & Hypnotherapy aids in releasing negative Imprints that have been buried deep within your subconscious mind as you connect to the unlimited healing frequencies.

Hypnotherapy is a tool used to guide you into a relaxed and aware state. In this state you are open to suggestions that allow you more control over mindset and behavior changes. I use hypnosis to help you experience optimal health and lifestyle.

During hypnosis, you are always in control. There are levels of hypnotic trance and it is likely you will only reach a light trance during your first session. It takes time and practice to reach deeper states of hypnosis. Learning to go into a hypnotic trance is the same as learning to relax. This kind of relaxation is different from zoning out into a screen and it is different from sleeping. It is more like meditation, your eyes are closed and your focus is inward. You are in control the entire time.

In this hypnotic state, your unconscious mind is more open to suggestion. With specific language and repetition, it may accept suggestions to change habits and beliefs without defense or self sabotage. You can facilitate change all while relaxing and allowing your unconscious mind to do the work.

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • remove doubt
  • limiting beliefs
  • self sabotage
  • and unwanted habits and behaviors.

    Hypnotherapy can also help you manage symptoms of
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • other mental conditions
  • manage side effects of medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, and manage pain
  • help with sleep problems
  • all stages of pregnancy
  • addictions
  • fears
  • and more.

    Call BioSpark Wellness today to see how hypnotherapy can help you and your specific needs.

    Hypnotherapy is also used to assist spiritual exploration such as higher self journeys and past life journeys. It is a fantastic tool for having deep and meaningful experiences. If spiritual exploration pulls you, ask BioSpark Wellness about hypnotherapy.

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