Peak Performance Systemics

Peak Performance Systemics

We LOVE to do Peak Performance Systemics. This is where we can really help the body shine. Our machines have been doing Peak Performances on athletes around the world including in the NFL and NHL. But the Peak Performances aren’t just for athletes. They are incredible for helping the body and cells breathe in nutrients and exhale waste. The release of such wastes is a much more natural way to allow the body to get rid of toxins. These days I hear people coming up with so many ways to ‘detox’ but I never hear anyone really getting into the cellular processes. That’s where the magic happens.

The body is an electrical power plant that produces 85% of electricity in our brain and 15% in our heart!

The systemic protocols for the Acuscope & Myopulse strengthen the sub-stations and transformers that carry the electricity throughout the body. For example, if you have numbness and tingling in your hands there may not be anything wrong with your hands. The problem may be further up causing the hands not to retrieve the electricity properly.

Peak Performance Systemic Series

  1. Baseline Systemic - Used to stimulate whole body and detox for chronic issues and over all well-being.

  2. PNS Systemic (Peripheral Nervous System Systemic) - Used for acute, chronic, spinal-related issues and/or overall well-being. This treats all of the nerves associated with all of the tissue and organ systems.

  3. CNS Systemic (Central Nervous System Systemic) - This protocol is great for connecting the brain with the body. The brain must be on- board with the treatments to make improvements in the body.

  4. Odonton Systemic - May be used as a local and direct treatment. Identify the tooth associated with a tissue or organ system that is affected.

  5. Auricular Systemic - Used as a full systemic or for acute or chronic ear or hearing-related issues, or a direct treatment for specific areas of complaint stimulating the auricular points associated with the affected organ/tissue.

  6. Reflexology Hands and Feet - Used as a full systemic, or for acute or chronic hand or foot related issue and or overall well-being. This is one of the MOST effective treatments we have for our patients.

  7. Lymphatic System Release - An overall wellbeing treatment used also for acute or chronic lymphatic specific issues.

  8. Leaky Gut - Used for Leaky Gut, Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation and other gut symptoms

Often times, people will explain this therapy to others by saying it is similar to a microcurrent. Calling it such is like calling a Ferrari a skateboard. There are a lot of microcurrent devices on the market and it can make people recall TENS units or implants.

Our equipment is so much more sophisticated than microcurrent devices!

The brain and heart produce microamperage (uA) as does our instruments. This means it doesn’t differentiate currents between its own creation of current and the current of the instrument. This is why the body accepts the treatment so well. It sees it as its twin and allows the body to easily accept the currents of the instruments. It is biologically compatible. On the other hand, while people commonly mistake our equipment for a TENS unit, the amperage of the TENS unit is much too large and causes undue stress to the body and cells.

So whether you have pain, injuries, brain issues or need to detox the body in a healthy and natural way, the Peak Performance package was created for you! Call now for your INITIAL EXAM!