BioSpark Wellness has incredible services that have made a huge difference in my emotional and physical well-being. I highly recommend them for any medical needs.

Charlene King

This clinic is absolutely magical! Right when you enter the clinic the calm, healing energy let's you know your in the right place. Everyone is so friendly and inviting. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber and the infrared sauna is rejuvenating. I highly recommend microcurrent treatments for leaky gut and liver functions. My body is healing and feeling so much better. ?

Macayla O'Connor

I really recommend giving these treatments a try. My 19 yr old son had knee issues and back issues for years. I tried a lot of different methods hoping to avoid surgery. My last resort was stem cells. We gave it a go but 5 months later no positive results. I was dreading surgery and discouraged that nothing had worked. Luckily we came across PIBCOA. It took a few treatments to get his cells actively working but it did work! Finally less pain then No Pain. It does Work and so Worth it! The staff is fantastic and the treatments were a miracle. Defiantly was worth the time and money.

Sandy Cattoor

PIBCOA to the rescue! I have gone the traditional medical route but no one could fix my numb leg. Then Therese and company started working on me and now (3 1/2 weeks in) I am seeing significant improvement in movement, range and feeling in my leg. Thank you so much PIBCOA!

Andrew Griffin

Amazing! The results are unlike anything I have ever seen and the staff is beyond friendly. I went in mostly out of curiosity for my lower back pain. I recommend this place to everyone now whenever they mention any type of ailment.

Fun Family

Our friends the Stuarts introduced us to PIBCOA & Therese. My son had been suffering with a back fracture for a little over a year when we went in. He had been in constant pain, and was exacerbated when he was active. He received treatments in June, and now 6 months later, and playing basketball 4-5 times a week he has not complained about his back once. It has been life changing for him. So grateful we gave it a chance.

Becky Hunter

These treatments are fantastic! Therese and her clinicians are knowledgeable and thorough. My daughter is being treated for her stomach. She felt immense and immediate relief from the pain she has been in. We are so thrilled to have this opportunity for healing!!!

Brittany Cooper

PIBCOA is the healing technology that will revolutionize wellness and healthcare. We live six hours away and have travelled down on two separate occasions so that our son could receive consecutive treatments during our stays. He has been treated for asthma, eczema, and mental health issues. The distance has prevented us from completing his treatment at this point, but the treatments he did receive provided marked and immediate improvements. I recommend PIBCOA without reservation.

Adrienne Peterson

We are forever grateful that we found PIBCOA!! Therese and her clinicians are all so amazing and have helped most of our family with all sorts of things. Starting with our oldest daughter who was diagnosed last September with AML leukemia. We have done several treatments on her that have helped speed up her recovery. We will continue to go and get treatments on her and other family members. I recommend this place to everyone!!

Rod Stuart

PIBCOA treatments have been life changing for me and my family. I have been treated after an ACL surgery and my surgeon said my knee had faster recovery than he had ever seen. More importantly my wife and I struggled getting pregnant and after a round a treatments from Therese and her team we got pregnant on the next ovulation! Modern miracle!

Chase Wagstaff

PIBCOA has been an answer to many prayers. I have been dealing with several health issues with no answers from much testing and trial and error on medications to find relief. I started seeing relief almost immediately after having treatments with PIBCOA. My family members have also been treated and have seen great results!! I would recommend PIBCOA to everyone!!!

Lindy Bradbury

Therese and PIBCOA have made a world of difference for my oldest son. He had multiple concussions which caused major personality problems. He is a different son now! Thank you, Therese!

Jocelyn Murray

I was introduced to this treatment from a friend whose daughter was helped so much by it. So I decided to give it a try for our daughter who was suffering from Lupus. She couldnt get out of bed and was so tired and her joints ached and she had severe chest and stomach pains. We had taken her to many doctors and to the Emergency Room but she just wasn't getting better. She started to lose so much weight when we heard about Therese. After PIBCOA's treatment plan, her body was healing in such a short time period and she is now not only out of bed but she just hiked Arches and Canyonlands with her husband and feels so great!! This treatment worked so well!! We are so very grateful!!

Lisa Dietz

I have nothing but good things to say about PIBCOA! I came to PIBCOA not being able to get out of my bed most days because of how sick I was. I was diagnosed with lupus about a year before going here, and this is the only place I found hope and amazing results. After my treatments, I feel better than I ever have. I can now do the things that I love to do! The clinicians are amazing and really care about helping their patients!

Jenny Dietz

I had my consultation and it was such an eye opener. I am very great full for the knowledge, energy and support that was given to me.

I look forward to a positive and enlightening treatment plan the next couple of weeks.

Nikki Smithson